About Us


More Than Just A Name

We are Audrie & Michael Thompson, and we are so happy you wanted to learn more about us and our company.   Abby & Livy's is not just our company's name. Named after our daughters, it has been built on our core family values:  Integrity, Respect, and Hard Work!   These values are the very core of our company. They guide how we do business with each and every client we service.

We are the proud parents to four wonderful children, Jordan (28), Wyatt (23), Abigail (15), and Olivia (11).



My name  is Audrie Thompson, and I am the Proud Co-Owner of Abby & Livy’s. I am also the incredibly lucky mom of two amazing daughters, for whom the company is named.  Being a mom to four awesome kids will always be my life’s greatest and proudest achievement.  During my college years, I grew my own cleaning portfolio that I maintained for many years allowing me the flexibility to support myself and complete school. I entered the executive workforce and spent over 20 years in the corporate world.  My years in executive management positions required constant travel that took me away from my family every week. I knew from my own prior experience, that there is a need for consistent, customer focused, and high quality cleaning services. Abby & Livy’s is a family owned business built on that need, and our strong core family values. Drawing from my own decades in business management, I am proud that we offer the highest level of service that our customers appreciate.  



My name is Michael Thompson, and I am the Proud Co-Owner of Abby & Livy’s. Blessed father of four awesome children. Growing up, my father was a janitor at a school for special needs children and adults, and I learned many cleaning skills from going to work with him throughout my childhood and adolescence. In high school, I continued to learn those skills from working at a janitorial service my junior and senior years doing commercial cleaning and landscaping. I joined the United States Army at age 20 and proudly served for five years. Attention to detail, reliability, honor, integrity, respect, and hard work were all lessons my parents taught me, and were reinforced during my time in the military. After my time in the Army, I worked in the corporate world in marketing and customer service, honing those skills and utilizing my core values to build trusting and lasting customer relationships. Prior to opening Abby & Livy’s Home Services, I worked at Southport Middle School for five years, assisting students with behavioral issues, ADHD, autism, and special needs, to help them be successful in the classroom, in relationships with their peers, and to prepare them for high school. Abby & Livy’s isn’t just about the work and service we can provide you, but the level of comfort and confidence our clients experience knowing that we actually care about the job we do, and also about our clients themselves.